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  • Image of The 5th Floor Ass Savers: Smart Ass

The 5th Floor Ass Savers: Smart Ass


This little piece of plastic has been getting a lot of attention on the world wide web recently. It's one of those ideas, so simple it's a wonder why nobody has ever come up with it before.

Just watch...

Yes. You're right. It's just a small piece of plastic you attach to your saddle to stop your ass getting wet.

Then when it stops raining, you fold it up and store it under your saddle.

We've been testing the Smart Ass for a while and the best thing about it is... it works! No, it won't keep your bum dry if it's raining cats and dogs, but anything from a shallow puddle through to heavy drizzle - the Smart Ass has got your... well, ass.

And if you're thinking... "Easy, I could just make one of those from a bit of old plastic"... You can't. I've tried.